Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natural Body Recipe skin lightening powder (-_-)

Hello Everyone! i just came from my friend's house after going to my college so it took a while T-T
i bought this at a filipino store yesterday and i tried it out last night ^^
it's called Natural Body Recipe or i think thats the brand

It came with two packets of 60 gram packs of the skin lightening powder

and it came with one bottle of skin lighting solution

You then make a 1:1 mixture of the powder and the solution to make a mask which you then leave on for about 15-20 minutes.

After trying this I absolutely DISLIKE this product!!!! At first it felt fine until i found that there were these powder coming out of my face then chunks of the dried up mixture came off and made a mess. Not only that but my face itched from this product, and usually my face can withstand many products. T-T It also clogged my sink after i washed the mask off -_-

Overall i give this product a 1/5 because it was horrible but it lightened my face


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