Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gmarket Haul! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ 6/29/11

Yay i got my gmarket haul today!! ^-^
sorry i left my camera in my car which my dad used today so i had to use my webcam for this ._.

First item i got was this green sweater that iu wears in her Good Day mv

it was pretty big on me, but it looks exactly like it! ^-^

Second item i bought was this lace dress, it's absolutely cute! i've been wanting to buy a full lace dress. i thought it was big on me but then theres a tie and it fits very well. Although i don't really like the puffy sleeve part T-T

Third item i bought was this pink and white dress. Its really nice but it's a bit see through. 

The last item was these pink ballerina like shoes. I've been looking for rocking horse shoes and these look like them so i just had to buy them.  Sadly it's a bit small on my foot and there's a bit of glue on the shoe where the pink part and the wooden part meet. But i love this style so much. o(TヘTo)


  1. hi! i love your haul! i was wondering if i could get the link to the sweater?

  2. Thank You! And here's the link to the sweater ^-^

  3. Love pretty much everything!

    Would you happen to have a link to the shoes item page? Thanks :)

  4. Thanks! (o^.^o) and here it is

  5. hey lovely haul! i've never bought from gmarket but i really really want to as the stuff is so nice!
    i was wondering, how did you navigate through the site as it's mostly in korean.. even the singapore one is mostly in korean XD and most importantly is the shipping expensive? how much would it be for example.. a shirt or a pair of jeans? thankyou!! ^w^


  6. I can read and understand Hangul so it's easy for me to but rom gmarket (^-^)

    The shipping is always based on the weight of the product you buy. So for example a shirt may be 3$ for shipping while a pair of shoes may end up 10$. Usually the seller makes the shipping weight higher and so you'll end up having gmarket money if theres any left over (^o^)b