Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mask Clash 2 (Deep Ocean Water Mask Review)

MSB Deep Ocean Water Mask vs. MBD Sake Mask

Pros: - makes skin have flawless look
- brightens skin
- don't have to keep on as long as other masks
- has extra "Serum" (water) to use

Cons: - the mask didn't have any serum, instead it was literally water like O.O

Pros: -gives the face a flawless look
- brightens the skin
- contains serum
- moisturizing 

Cons: - needs to stay on as long as the other masks

Deep Ocean Water Mask Review

Alright, well this mask was completely different than what i expected. O.O  when i first opened the mask i thought that it was dried up but then i found that this mask uses actual WATER rather than SERUM. (which is the name lol) I expected this mask to be a waste of money and worthless... but instead it surprised me with wonderful results! ♡ ^-^ 

It gave me the exact same results as if i used My Beauty Diary's Sake mask. So Overall the Deep Ocean Water Mask gets a 5/5. I've heard that MSB is much cheaper than MBD so if it is so this mask is a better buy with great results! ^-^ 


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