Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Faceshop Blemish Zero Review

Wow i haven't done a review in forever 

This is my first review out of my faceshop haul. 
There's actually three steps in this line which is the cleanser, toner, and solution, but i decided to only but the toner since the cleanser was sold out T__T

I never really used toner before or so i think. 

Anyways i was actually given a sample of this brand before and i absolutely loved it except i ran out and so now i finally bought it ^^

This toner is very watery and there's a slight fragrance in it but it's not strong. 
I also like how this doesn't cause my pores to clog, in other words it's not very sticky when it's applied and my skin easily absorbed it. As you can see i barely bought it a few days ago and i already used a good amount of it kekeke. I apply this whenever i wash my face.  I also noticed that my face has become more softer and more even.  (I did some research on what toner does and that is what it does hehehe) So this product did it's job for me ~

Overall i give this a 5/5
I love this product and right now it's part of my daily regime~ 
so i will definitely buy this again when i run out of it ^^

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally back again ㅠ.ㅠ

Ive been busy again recently basically enjoying summer and imporving my korean. But yesterday i went to the Faceshop and bought a bunch of stuff not to mention i got a lot of freebies too ^^
 And well ill be reviewing a few of them this week so please look forward too it~
 The things i bought:
Lovely me:ex milky tint 02 베이비 피치
 Lovely me:ex Bebe lip mask
Special zone care deep smile fold lifting mask
Volcanic clay blackhead dual nose sheet
Pore minimizer deep facial scrub for pore
 Blemish Zero clarifying toner
Pearl essential mask sheet
Hyaluronic acid essential mask sheet
Night spot eraser
Aloe fresh gel cream
 Samples i rececieved: White tree snow toner and emusion Clean face toner and lotion Whitening body essence Blemish zero solution Natural sun travel kit Ill be reviewing some but if i domt review the ones you are interested in just message me and ill review it for you :3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

kmf video

This video isn't mine i just got it from youtube, so credits to who took this video.

But if any of you want to see when Son hoyoung sang and smiled to me and held my hand it happens around 4:20, but you can start from 3:45 onwards

You can see how i froze when he did that, i really didn't expect it lol

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Korean Music Festival 2012

I want to post about my experience so here it is. Basically i copied and pasted it from my tumblr lol

First off me and kacie came around 3:30 since she didnt have class anymore and stuff so we got to go a little early. Once we got there we got free stuff and it got boring fast after we got everything and we were waiting =_=
we got in at 5 to our seats in the pool circle d. Our seats were pretty close not bad, row 5 seats 4 and 5, i kind of liked it better than last year. There were two chinese girls next to us who didnt even cheer at all wtf they should have given us their seats. Like literally all they did was take pics of themselves and text =___=
But it was okay because when the idols came out i was like get the pluck out of my way and i owned that corner of the stage right at the front of the extended stage! It is the best part to be in my opinion kekeke you could see me in the corner too
well anyways before that the concert started, national anthem and all that stuff it was cool and also arirang was ok but they sang in chinese so yeah…. I thought the mc was cute and at that time i didnt know it was son hoyoung :3
Almost forgor lena park she has a nice voice but that guitarist was cute lil
And then everyone else performed lolol The buga boys were pretty good i like their music really pumped up the audience a bit
lee yong i think? A trot singer sang to me so it made me lol xD
and then i think kyung ho went next? And i loved his performance it was idk i liked it a lot xD
and then love and peace lol they were pretty good too x3
Then there was an intermission.
Brown eyed girls came out i think? I wasnt that excited since i saw them already at vegas.
I think namjin performed after? Lol he sang to me and kacie ^^
then mblaq was next, i mean it was a great performance but i feel like they barely did anything… Like i came mainly mblaq but i ended up loving g.o.d. more to tell the truth kekeke They didnt really interact with the fans except joon :3. Whoevr marries him is the luckiest girl on earth!!! I wish it would be me….>.> next time im making a sign for him lol
Oh and i almost forgot when mblaq walked to the extended stage joon and thunders butts were literally in my face lol i should have grabbed them but im a good fangirl ^_^v
And then g.o.d. Performed!!!!! gotta bold that because they were the best. lol i wish i took pics but i was too in the moment @____@ so i hope theres the fan cams and whatnot for me to remember this kkekeke. Son ho young got to sing his solo songs ^^ Lol but son hoyoung is so cute!!! His songs were the best too especially since i was kind alone in the corner lol. and Since i was at the very corner and where they walk it was easy for son hoyoung to see me and when he did he held my hand!!! And not just any holding hands but he uhh idk how to describe it…interlaced his fingers?? Yeah that lol not a high five or me grabbing his hand, but he actually held it all interlacey and stuff @___@ but he did touch my hand quite a lot because he saw me that i kept sticking my hand out. And while he was singing he looked at me right in the eye and smiled at me. yeee i squealed because the song sounded so nice too ^3^ OMFG his smile is cutest and best smile that just completely made my whole kmf concert and even better is that he looked at me x3 g.o.d.’s performance was the best good thing they were last to perform because they made it the best end!  I touched all of g.o.d. kekekek I love them and even better i disnt know that was son hoyoung!! he looked familiar but i couldnt remember! But then i it was him and ive been a fan of him ever since i started liking kpop wih his song “i know”. It made it even more meaningful ^___^ The ending was eh they didnt sing arirang and they didnt walk so i was sad but seriouslly son hoyoung made it better than last year x3

yay a photo before it started and thats all the pictures i got, one me and kacie.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Coile Tweezer~~

keke i have problems with having hair on my face and i was getting pretty tired of having to pluck them one by one and wasting my time and still have hair left over.

And so i remembered this one thing i found at the japanese store
The epistick!!~~
Except i had no idea where exactly where it's at   
but i found a better alternative actually ehhehe

It was actually more expensive like $15 instead of like $1 at ebay for the regular one
But this one is better since theres two coils instead of having the one big one
and it spins by itself so no need to hold it and twist it manually
It also gets the double amount of hair.
So i found this one much more convenient than the regular one 

It hurts A LOT O_O
im not kidding it pulled out every single hair i had and puled it all out together
thats how good it is lol

Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm hoping to go to the faceshop this weekend...then ill post about it.
If not i'll just show my usual regime. 

But good news today, found out i did pretty good on my chem exam so as a reward to myself i'm hanging around over here putting on a bunch load of face masks and nose masks....
While studying more chem....then again i still do this all the time lol

This picture sums up college for me....ㅠ.,ㅠ

anyways forget about that stuff and now to kpop (^3^)
Last week during my spring break i made something.... which is an led board!!
it was much much easier to make than i thought, and i'd like to thank high school physics for that and for teaching all about currents and whatnot lol

천둥 너무 사랑해~~(´v`人)♡
네네!!~ A+ 입니당~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Spring break

I did porbably nothing productive throughout this break except maybe make my sign for kmf
It looks good and ill post a picture of it tomorrow after class.

Anyways i wanted to talk about how great disneyland went because i thought i wouldnt be going lol well so did my friends. Me and my friend was running to the entrance just to find out that my tickets were blocked out for the day....=__=
All hope was lost until we asked to upgrade the tickets and the lady said it was 55$ but we didnt have the money so i we waited fOr the rest of my homies to come.
He bad thing though is that they wrote names on our tickets and they meed ids and i shat many many bricks. But after two hours of us figuring out whether to pay the upgrade or go home, we decided to upgrade it and good news...
It was upgraded tO an annual Pass!! X3

Keke okay kpop post tomorrow because im sleepy