Monday, June 27, 2011

My Scheming Beauty and coming Gmarket haul! (´・ω・`)

This past weekend i bought some new face masks i've never seen before O.O

Weekly i use the My Beauty Diary masks

But now a found .......

the My Scheming Beauty masks!! ^_^

both are Taiwanese masks and in my opinion they are much more effective than korean brand ones but i'll talk about that another day in another post ...

these are the masks i bought
so far this is the only mask i tried and i like it very much. 
The mask was dripping with serum so you can put some on your neck. ^-^ i kept the mask on for 45 mins to soak up. The result: it made my face really soft but i didn't see much whitening.  :( it didn't make me break out and it didn't clog my pores which is a plus plus for me ^^

This brand actually has more different choices of masks than the My Beauty Diary masks. I'll review the rest as i use them ^-^

Also my Gmarket haul shall be coming soon.....


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