Monday, June 27, 2011

Poppin' Cookin' 八(^□^*)

Today i had to pass by my college which then led to me passing by the Nijiya Store in LA ^-^
and Tada~ i bought a poppin cookin!

I've been waiting to buy these! I actually bought two but the second one is for my friend's little sister so sadly i just played with one of them -_-

In the back there's a color mixing chart and ideas of stuff to make. And it came with these chunks of pink, blue, yellow, white, and a tiny piece of black playdoh like candy? Well i dont know but it tasted like ramune (^-^)

and now what i made dun dun dun dun dun dun

Okay it didn't turn out amazing as i thought but it looks pretty cute T-T

And almost forgot..... it came with a rolling stick thing ^-^
and my leftovers

hopefully i find a better camera soon T-T


  1. The penguin is super cute, good job on it! ^v^
    but wait, this was food?? O_O

  2. Thank you it was really tiny (o^^)o
    And yes it was! my brother took everything and ate it all. it tasted really good like ramune! all of the colors seem to have the same taste ^^