Friday, July 1, 2011

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (*≧▽≦)

I've been using this peeling gel for quite a while and i stopped after i ran out but now i have some so i decided to review it since it is such a great product. ^-^ Not only that but my friend loves it as well ever since the first time she used to so you guys will love it too!

It comes in a pink thing like this.

The gel is not very thick but just the right thickness. There's little dark beads or exfoliants in the gel. Also it has this great strawberry smell to it and it makes your face smell refreshed and clean ^^

When you use it, it will become like this. It exfoliates your skin but it's not harsh like other exfoliants i've used before. 

Overall i give this product a 5/5 because it softens your skin and it brightens your skin (as you can see im a big fan of products that make my skin look flawless) and also cleans it and is a great way to remove foundation or sunscreen. But that's not the best part! The best art is that it makes your skin so soft that you cant stop touching it!! O.O Not only that but it's now pricey and smells great ^-^

This product has this yogurt pack that is the same but i haven't used it before hopefully i buy it someday T-T


  1. Cute blog! Thank you for reviewing this as I've been thinking about buying it :D

  2. No problem and thank you! im glad i can help (*^^)

  3. ooh I got a sample of it and LOVED it<3
    The strawberry smells sooo yummy x3
    I don't think Laneige makes them anymore? Cause on their official website they have a "Multiberry" version T^T

  4. f you live near or in California, they sell it at the 99 Ranch Market in Rowland Heights. Thats where i buy mine. ^-^

    I havent tried the Multiberry version, But based on reviews i've seen on them, it also has similar and positive results. The gel also looks the same with the beads and the consistency. And when you use it, it becomes the same as the 3rd picture in my post. The only difference is probably the smell >.<

    I'll try as soon as i can to pass by the shop and try out the multiberry version and post a more accurate review for you

  5. I didn't know Korean cosmetics are sold in the U.S...(o__O;;)
    ..I live so far away from Asian communities...(T~T)

    Ah I see, I was so close into buying the strawberry one but when I checked, all they had was the Multiberry version so I was hesitant. (>_<)
    But thank you~! Can't wait for the reviews :3

  6. Yeah haha and Korean cosmetics are beginning to be popular in the US. So i guess they'll be expanding stores here soon ^-^ It would be nice to live near korea town >.<

    Oh i hate it when that happens! especially if i was about to buy it(>д<)
    but I actually found some sellers that are selling the Strawberry one on ebay right now. ( ゚▽゚) And no problem! i'll be stopping by the store tomorrow to check it out ~