Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DHC revitalizing moisture strips

I bought this product about a week ago and i absolutely love it!  ^-^
Whenever i sleep late and i get panda eyes i use these and they disappear the next day.

my box was in english though

The instructions are hard to read since my camera is very blurry T-T
but its says to keep the mask on for 25 -30 mins or for the whole night.
I keep mine on for the whole night so it'll soak up more and have more affect ^^

the strips are individually packed and has a similar image to it's box 

Theres two strips in a every packet. The strip has a gel like substance underneath so it's easy for it to adhere to your skin and it feels really cool when you put it on :D
But after a while it can be irritating in a way that it feels like it's poking your eye when you put it too close.

Yay it makes me feel like a super hero! 〜(・▽・〜) yaaa! (〜・▽・)〜

overall i give this product a 4/5.
 It works but it can be disturbing when it feels like its poking your eye and when you remove it the next day it may feel a little sticky.


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