Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natural Body Recipe skin lightening powder (-_-)

Hello Everyone! i just came from my friend's house after going to my college so it took a while T-T
i bought this at a filipino store yesterday and i tried it out last night ^^
it's called Natural Body Recipe or i think thats the brand

It came with two packets of 60 gram packs of the skin lightening powder

and it came with one bottle of skin lighting solution

You then make a 1:1 mixture of the powder and the solution to make a mask which you then leave on for about 15-20 minutes.

After trying this I absolutely DISLIKE this product!!!! At first it felt fine until i found that there were these powder coming out of my face then chunks of the dried up mixture came off and made a mess. Not only that but my face itched from this product, and usually my face can withstand many products. T-T It also clogged my sink after i washed the mask off -_-

Overall i give this product a 1/5 because it was horrible but it lightened my face

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gmarket Haul! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ 6/29/11

Yay i got my gmarket haul today!! ^-^
sorry i left my camera in my car which my dad used today so i had to use my webcam for this ._.

First item i got was this green sweater that iu wears in her Good Day mv

it was pretty big on me, but it looks exactly like it! ^-^

Second item i bought was this lace dress, it's absolutely cute! i've been wanting to buy a full lace dress. i thought it was big on me but then theres a tie and it fits very well. Although i don't really like the puffy sleeve part T-T

Third item i bought was this pink and white dress. Its really nice but it's a bit see through. 

The last item was these pink ballerina like shoes. I've been looking for rocking horse shoes and these look like them so i just had to buy them.  Sadly it's a bit small on my foot and there's a bit of glue on the shoe where the pink part and the wooden part meet. But i love this style so much. o(TヘTo)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mask Clash 2 (Deep Ocean Water Mask Review)

MSB Deep Ocean Water Mask vs. MBD Sake Mask

Pros: - makes skin have flawless look
- brightens skin
- don't have to keep on as long as other masks
- has extra "Serum" (water) to use

Cons: - the mask didn't have any serum, instead it was literally water like O.O

Pros: -gives the face a flawless look
- brightens the skin
- contains serum
- moisturizing 

Cons: - needs to stay on as long as the other masks

Deep Ocean Water Mask Review

Alright, well this mask was completely different than what i expected. O.O  when i first opened the mask i thought that it was dried up but then i found that this mask uses actual WATER rather than SERUM. (which is the name lol) I expected this mask to be a waste of money and worthless... but instead it surprised me with wonderful results! ♡ ^-^ 

It gave me the exact same results as if i used My Beauty Diary's Sake mask. So Overall the Deep Ocean Water Mask gets a 5/5. I've heard that MSB is much cheaper than MBD so if it is so this mask is a better buy with great results! ^-^ 

DHC revitalizing moisture strips

I bought this product about a week ago and i absolutely love it!  ^-^
Whenever i sleep late and i get panda eyes i use these and they disappear the next day.

my box was in english though

The instructions are hard to read since my camera is very blurry T-T
but its says to keep the mask on for 25 -30 mins or for the whole night.
I keep mine on for the whole night so it'll soak up more and have more affect ^^

the strips are individually packed and has a similar image to it's box 

Theres two strips in a every packet. The strip has a gel like substance underneath so it's easy for it to adhere to your skin and it feels really cool when you put it on :D
But after a while it can be irritating in a way that it feels like it's poking your eye when you put it too close.

Yay it makes me feel like a super hero! 〜(・▽・〜) yaaa! (〜・▽・)〜

overall i give this product a 4/5.
 It works but it can be disturbing when it feels like its poking your eye and when you remove it the next day it may feel a little sticky.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mask Clash 1

That's the best title I can make for when i make a post of comparing the My Beauty Diary brand masks and the My Scheming Beauty brand masks T-T so please look forward to them! (●⌒∇⌒●)

MSB Arbutin Whitening Mask vs. MBD Black Pearl Mask

Pros: - contains plenty of serum
- doesn't cause breaking out
- does not clog pores

Cons: - it doesn't whiten like it says :(

Pros: - It whitens (*≧▽≦)
- it evens out your skin tone
- sufficient serum
-makes skin look fresh

Cons: - if used often, might clog pores
- it dries your skin

Overall if your looking for skin whitening then i recommend using MBD's Black Pearl masks just don't use to often because it causes clogged pores ^-^ I usually use a face mask 2-4 times a week if i have time. Also the Black Pearl mask causes under eye to disappear for me :D

My Scheming Beauty and coming Gmarket haul! (´・ω・`)

This past weekend i bought some new face masks i've never seen before O.O

Weekly i use the My Beauty Diary masks

But now a found .......

the My Scheming Beauty masks!! ^_^

both are Taiwanese masks and in my opinion they are much more effective than korean brand ones but i'll talk about that another day in another post ...

these are the masks i bought
so far this is the only mask i tried and i like it very much. 
The mask was dripping with serum so you can put some on your neck. ^-^ i kept the mask on for 45 mins to soak up. The result: it made my face really soft but i didn't see much whitening.  :( it didn't make me break out and it didn't clog my pores which is a plus plus for me ^^

This brand actually has more different choices of masks than the My Beauty Diary masks. I'll review the rest as i use them ^-^

Also my Gmarket haul shall be coming soon.....

Poppin' Cookin' 八(^□^*)

Today i had to pass by my college which then led to me passing by the Nijiya Store in LA ^-^
and Tada~ i bought a poppin cookin!

I've been waiting to buy these! I actually bought two but the second one is for my friend's little sister so sadly i just played with one of them -_-

In the back there's a color mixing chart and ideas of stuff to make. And it came with these chunks of pink, blue, yellow, white, and a tiny piece of black playdoh like candy? Well i dont know but it tasted like ramune (^-^)

and now what i made dun dun dun dun dun dun

Okay it didn't turn out amazing as i thought but it looks pretty cute T-T

And almost forgot..... it came with a rolling stick thing ^-^
and my leftovers

hopefully i find a better camera soon T-T

Grand Opening Post (⌒▽⌒)ノ

Yooo~ Hello everyone!

I am a girl who has a great interest in all things Asian. (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) ^-^ Well i've always wanted to have a blog and now here i have it! This blog will be about any products I find and use, clothes, adventures to different places, and basically anything that i think would be interest to everyone! Unfortunately i have no idea how to do make up and we'll see if anything happens O.O Please look forward to my posts, I won't let you down!

Hopefully i get followers and comments are welcome!