Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beauty V-line Face(○^ω^○)

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry because i've much busier than I thought. But im trying to post whenever i have time! (=´;ω;`=) 

Well here's a review of the V-line Face. It is a product that is supposed to slim down your face and give you that V line many Asian celebrities want and also something I would love to have  (人´∀`)
The product in a box like this!

The instructions say to put the mask first. Then the pink wrap goes over. And when your done you massage the liquid from the mask into your face.

When you open your box it talks about how the mask works and makes your face thinner like that but i didn't bother because i wanted to use it already .

On one side of the box, has these face masks that goes around your chin. It has this really nice warm sensation on your face. It might be a little painful for some people but it was okay for me ^-^

And on the other side, there's the pink wrap thingy.....i dont know what it's called (ToT)

Overall 5/5 for this product because it works for me and it makes my face feel tight and it got thinner! o(^◇^)o Now im going to buy a bunch loads of this stuff! haha I recommend buying this if your going for the V-line face! Although you may not see much difference from the first use, you will definitely see after you go through a box. And now i feel like a star (☆▽☆) 


  1. You say that this product works hmmm I'll have try ^^

  2. Hmmmm wondering if it works now.(x

  3. This is amazing, what's the price? How many in a box and is it available in stores??

  4. I bought it for 25$ and there's 7 sheets in every box. I found it in a store one time but sadly they don't sell it anymore there T~T So now i buy these from Gmarket ^^

    here's the link

  5. wow great review! Does your face stay like that, or is this a temporary product...?