Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simply Anti Aging Program Duo Whitening Mask (┳Д┳)

I bought this just yesterday and it looks like it worked so i had to buy it ^-^

It comes in a white box and in an also white packet like this

Im not exactly sure what it says beside to leave it on for x amount of mins because its written in chinese T-T

 This mask is also a 360 mask. If no one has seen one before it looks like this. It goes around your ear and it also goes around the bottom of your chin. These kinds of masks are  cool O.O

There was serum left but not much because i spilled some but this is how it looks.

Overall i give this product a 2.5/5 this mask didn't do much to my face T-T I was expecting whitening but it didnt show. It made my face really soft but it doesnt last long because today it feels normal. It is a great moisturizing mask though but not the kind of masks that spark my interest. Now im stuck with a box full. Once i learn how to, i'll be sending free items in contests but until that day, i dont know how hahaha


  1. Such a shame, I was hoping that the result would turn out well since I'm searching for a "whitening" mask too to even out my face color. >___< But the mask did look cool though! That's a plus point haha. xD

  2. I was disappointed in it as well! The packaging made it look effective xD
    If your looking for a mask that whitens and evens out your skin tone, I recommend My Beauty Diary's Pearl Powder mask or their French White Lilly mask which is more gentle. I hope you find your perfect mask ~(^∀^)

  3. Thank you for the recommandation! I'll definitely look into it. =3