Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Faceshop Blemish Zero Review

Wow i haven't done a review in forever 

This is my first review out of my faceshop haul. 
There's actually three steps in this line which is the cleanser, toner, and solution, but i decided to only but the toner since the cleanser was sold out T__T

I never really used toner before or so i think. 

Anyways i was actually given a sample of this brand before and i absolutely loved it except i ran out and so now i finally bought it ^^

This toner is very watery and there's a slight fragrance in it but it's not strong. 
I also like how this doesn't cause my pores to clog, in other words it's not very sticky when it's applied and my skin easily absorbed it. As you can see i barely bought it a few days ago and i already used a good amount of it kekeke. I apply this whenever i wash my face.  I also noticed that my face has become more softer and more even.  (I did some research on what toner does and that is what it does hehehe) So this product did it's job for me ~

Overall i give this a 5/5
I love this product and right now it's part of my daily regime~ 
so i will definitely buy this again when i run out of it ^^

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  1. How much does it cost in korea?/

    Can you do reviews of your other products>>