Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring break

I did porbably nothing productive throughout this break except maybe make my sign for kmf
It looks good and ill post a picture of it tomorrow after class.

Anyways i wanted to talk about how great disneyland went because i thought i wouldnt be going lol well so did my friends. Me and my friend was running to the entrance just to find out that my tickets were blocked out for the day....=__=
All hope was lost until we asked to upgrade the tickets and the lady said it was 55$ but we didnt have the money so i we waited fOr the rest of my homies to come.
He bad thing though is that they wrote names on our tickets and they meed ids and i shat many many bricks. But after two hours of us figuring out whether to pay the upgrade or go home, we decided to upgrade it and good news...
It was upgraded tO an annual Pass!! X3

Keke okay kpop post tomorrow because im sleepy


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