Monday, April 9, 2012

Coile Tweezer~~

keke i have problems with having hair on my face and i was getting pretty tired of having to pluck them one by one and wasting my time and still have hair left over.

And so i remembered this one thing i found at the japanese store
The epistick!!~~
Except i had no idea where exactly where it's at   
but i found a better alternative actually ehhehe

It was actually more expensive like $15 instead of like $1 at ebay for the regular one
But this one is better since theres two coils instead of having the one big one
and it spins by itself so no need to hold it and twist it manually
It also gets the double amount of hair.
So i found this one much more convenient than the regular one 

It hurts A LOT O_O
im not kidding it pulled out every single hair i had and puled it all out together
thats how good it is lol


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