Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally back again ㅠ.ㅠ

Ive been busy again recently basically enjoying summer and imporving my korean. But yesterday i went to the Faceshop and bought a bunch of stuff not to mention i got a lot of freebies too ^^
 And well ill be reviewing a few of them this week so please look forward too it~
 The things i bought:
Lovely me:ex milky tint 02 베이비 피치
 Lovely me:ex Bebe lip mask
Special zone care deep smile fold lifting mask
Volcanic clay blackhead dual nose sheet
Pore minimizer deep facial scrub for pore
 Blemish Zero clarifying toner
Pearl essential mask sheet
Hyaluronic acid essential mask sheet
Night spot eraser
Aloe fresh gel cream
 Samples i rececieved: White tree snow toner and emusion Clean face toner and lotion Whitening body essence Blemish zero solution Natural sun travel kit Ill be reviewing some but if i domt review the ones you are interested in just message me and ill review it for you :3


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