Sunday, March 18, 2012

아이고 ㅠㅠ

i completely neglected this blog ever since college started.
Amidst all my studying for chem i remembered about my blog and i decided to start on it again ^^

I will be changing what i'll be posting. Since i'll be too busy to stop and take pictures of products i buy, i'll just post about my unusually boring and most likely my unusual life through these college years.

As a background, i'm a microbiology major student. o.e twitch

But yeah that's why i've neglected this blog lol

Now i'll find the time to be blogging again.

I'll talk all about how i'm supposed to juggle all the things i'm interested, and that is a lot of things. I find almost anything interesting. I really can't just stay put on one subject or i'll get bored and move on.  let's list some things i'll most likely post about: anime, cosplay, culture, kpop, japan, korea, culture, biology, college life, study abroad, traveling, adventures (lol maybe if you consider them adventures), face products, languages, disneyland, food etc. etc. I can really go on and on and on and on.  Well just bare with this boring post as i go on rambling. You might find it interesting...maybe not well.....all i can say i am quiet a fascinating person i guess.....>.>

bleh bleh bleh barf
that was one long paragraph about things that won't help you in life in anyway =__=

well if you like anime i'll give you a hint on what i'm cosplaying. 
The anime starts with the letter D.

not fascinating's a picture of Rain~


what else....


okay i give up. 
lol me whenever i get a chem test 
and i got one this week o.e



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